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Necklace-Boho Bodhi Tree Wood Beads & Seeds

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Product description

Fabulous, Boho statement necklace Bodhi Seeds Bodhi seeds come from the tree known as the “Bodhi tree”—the tree the Buddha was meditating under when he attained enlightenment. Bodhi seeds represent spiritual promise and possibility, a sense of dedication and faith in nurturing the “seed” of practice. “Within each of us lies a seed, the Bodhi seed, that can lead to our enlightenment. We must create four conditions to help this Bodhi seed grow. Let sincerity, integrity, faith, and honesty be the soil. Let kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving be the breeze. Let wisdom and the Buddha’s teachings be the pure water. Let dedication, ardor and diligence bue the sunlight”. —Master Cheng YenPendant Size: Approx 2.5” x *1” Length: 30”